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Stevie Ray Vaughan never goes anywhere without his THINKSPORT Reusable bag!
Many cities, including Austin, are banning plastic bags. And frankly, we think it's great. The amount of waste created by plastic bags is staggering. And given that they take 1000 years to degrade that's equally bad news.
But there is another less talked about issue, is that these bags are largely made up of chemicals that are busily leaching into ground water and being consumed by wildlife. Here are some facts:
Over 1 Trillion bags are used worldwide every year. (Reusit)
Or 1 million bags every minute...yikes. (Reusit)
Average American family takes home 1500 plastic bags (Inspiration Green)
There are plenty more plastic bag facts out there. But the point is...we're not doing any favors to our planet by carrying on with the practice of using plastic bags everywhere.
When we looked at all of the reusable bags out there, we weren't really drawn to any of them for our own use.   We wanted a sporty looking, clean looking bag. And thats what you get with the THINKSPORT Reusable Bag.
So now, you can walk around the market sporting your new stylish bag and save the environment at the same time.

Size: 20 inches Height / 14.5 inches Length

51cm Height /   37cm length