Limestone Thermal Bottle Sleeve

Limestone Thermal Bottle Sleeve

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:Limestone Thermal Bottle Sleeve

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In creating a sleeve for Thinkbaby bottles, we looked carefully at the solutions on the market.  We wanted a material that would provide maximum insulation and protection.  But...we also wanted to see how eco-friendly that we could make the sleeve.  

Our investigation took us to our friends at Patagonia.  Patagonia largely pioneered the use of Limestone-based neoprene to replace traditional neoprene for their wetsuits.  

Thinkbaby's sleeves are made from Limestone. They feel just like traditional neoprene.  We have made them in 4 colors.  They will not only protect the bottles but will provide significant insulation.  

Please note that we made them fit tight, so they cannot be easily removed by a toddler.

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